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Behind the Canvas: Unveiling the Stories Within My Paintings

Art is a language that speaks beyond brushstrokes and colors, weaving narratives that often go unnoticed by the casual observer. In this intimate exploration, join me as I lift the veil on the hidden tales, emotions and inspirations that reside behind the canvas – a world where every stroke tells a story.
The Silent Narratives
Beyond the visual allure of my paintings lies a silent symphony of narratives waiting to be discovered. Each piece conceals stories that may not be immediately apparent, inviting viewers to delve deeper and unearth the layers of meaning that reside beneath the surface.
Brushstrokes as Words
Just as a writer carefully chooses words to convey a story, I meticulously craft each brushstroke to articulate emotions, experiences and perspectives. “Behind the Canvas” is an exploration of how the strokes become a visual language, forming sentences that resonate with the viewer on an emotional level.
Personal Anecdotes on Canvas
My art is not just an expression of skill; it’s a canvas that captures personal anecdotes. From the serene landscapes to vibrant abstracts, every painting holds a piece of my journey, my emotions and the tales that have shaped my identity as an artist. This blog series will be a curated gallery of these personal stories, shared in tandem with the visual feast.
The Influence of Surroundings
Every artist is a product of their surroundings and my paintings are no exception. “Behind the Canvas” will delve into the external influences – the places, people and experiences – that have left an indelible mark on my creative process. It’s an exploration of how the external world becomes an integral part of the internal artistic dialogue.
The Dance of Colors: Emotions Unveiled
Colors are not arbitrary choices; they are emotional emissaries. In this series, I’ll peel back the layers of my color palette, revealing the emotional nuances hidden within each hue. From the calming blues to the fiery reds, “Behind the Canvas” aims to decipher the emotional language encoded in the colors of my art.
Inviting You Behind the Canvas
Art is a shared experience, and “Behind the Canvas” is an open invitation to you, the observer, to join me in this exploration. Through this series, I hope to bridge the gap between artist and audience, creating a space where the stories within the paintings become a shared conversation.
Conclusion: Stories Yet to Unfold
As we embark on this journey behind the canvas, anticipate a series of revelations, reflections and perhaps a few surprises. “Behind the Canvas” is an ongoing narrative – a space where art and storytelling converge and where each stroke unravels a new chapter in the ever-evolving story of my artistic expression.

Color and its power

Through colour there is always a sense of discovery in the environment. It is not simply the physical aspect of it, but also the spiritual and the emotional aspects. I am attracted to people, cultures and surroundings which are natural and earthy.

Living in Kenya gives one a great awareness of nature. I love the natural environment. One is the underwater world and the other one is flowers and trees. So many blues in the water and vivid hues of many colours mong the coral reefs and fish.

My paintings of the underwater world are large as one views the never ending experience of my passion for water. The vibrant rhythms of undersea life are exciting and transport one into a feeling for the sublime.

There is so much to think about in the world, so much to do, so much to learn. I feel good when I am in my studio because you don’t have anything else to think about except the image in front of you. The experience makes you humble. My instincts are to create work that will inspire and inform.

Understanding the past and present is neither simple nor merely intuitive for any artist: it requires hard work, a dedication to constantly searching for it in any way possible.

I am a thoroughly cross-cultural artist whose willingness to explore and accept new ideas and skills is of vital importance to my continuing development as a painter. Including the mabati from my studio roof has been my latest and most challenging experiment. I wanted to keep something sacred from my studio, which is also my prayer room.

I am a member of the Baha’i Faith. One of its tenets is: “if you want to be happy, try to make someone else happy.” I hope my paintings will do this in different ways for many people, even after I have left this earthly plane.

The Baobab

The Baobab. Known as the “Upside Down Tree” because its branches look like roots. Reaching on average 1200 years of life and the oldest one known being 2400 years old. To many people it is the tree giving life to people. Elephants and baobabs have a good friendship. The elephants go crazy for the baobab fruit and are the only animals which can crack the shell. They deliver to the baobab a service of transporting seeds widely and planting them in just the right mixture of manure. When it is very dry the elephants eat the spongy wood, which is full of water (a tree can contain 120,000 litres of water).

The Baobab - Oil on Canvas Painting by Geraldine Robarts

Oil on canvas – 122cm x 122cm

Some Akamba women take bark from the tree and make wonderful fibre mats and famous kiondo baskets. The fibre is died with natural dyes. To make it supple they traditionally chew the bark first before it is spun, died and woven.
It is only fairly recently that the powder inside the fruit has become famous as a super-food worldwide.

Impressions from Village Market Exhibition, Nairobi, October 2021


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