The Baobab

The Baobab. Known as the “Upside Down Tree” because its branches look like roots. Reaching on average 1200 years of life and the oldest one known being 2400 years old. To many people it is the tree giving life to people. Elephants and baobabs have a good friendship. The elephants go crazy for the baobab fruit and are the only animals which can crack the shell. They deliver to the baobab a service of transporting seeds widely and planting them in just the right mixture of manure. When it is very dry the elephants eat the spongy wood, which is full of water (a tree can contain 120,000 litres of water).

The Baobab - Oil on Canvas Painting by Geraldine Robarts

Oil on canvas – 122cm x 122cm

Some Akamba women take bark from the tree and make wonderful fibre mats and famous kiondo baskets. The fibre is died with natural dyes. To make it supple they traditionally chew the bark first before it is spun, died and woven.
It is only fairly recently that the powder inside the fruit has become famous as a super-food worldwide.

Impressions from Village Market Exhibition, Nairobi, October 2021


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