Kenyan Coral Reef

Kenyan Coral Reef painting for sale by Geraldine Robarts

Last November I was in both Watamu and Diani on the East African coast. Both places are a paradise for tourists and holiday makers to have the opportunity to swim from the beach to the coral reef. For me, snorkeling has always been a great treat to see a variety of fish, coral, and sea urchins. The latter – sea urchins – are a danger to coral everywhere.

It is enchanting to see moving seaweeds with tiny little fishes swimming in and out as they eat the seaweed, which is very nourishing for them. As you watch these tiny little fish fending for themselves you marvel at the intelligence of fishes.

Next month I have a granddaughter from Canada coming to visit me, who is an Olympic swimmer and is coming to swim with Whale Sharks.

I’ve been swimming off the Kenyan coast since 1964 and my friends say that when I go swimming they don’t see me for hours and hours. This study of fishes has taken 9 years of thought and research and there have been lots of drawings.

Oil on canvas
Width 152cm; Height 182cm

Price is available on request